About the Author

Courtney Kan

When I turned 11 my grandmother taught me how to cook, and since then it has always been a passion of mine. Cooking is my favorite escape, an adventure into a world of savory and sweet treats. 
It's so easy to get lost in the the aromas of freshly baked cookies, cinnamon apples simmering on the stove or a bourbon bread pudding bubbling in the oven. Certain flavors have the power to transport you to another time and place -- freshly grilled corn and roasted peaches remind me of summer, prime rib invites memories of holiday dinners and seafood will always remind me of home. 

But beyond all else, what I love about food is that it brings people together. Growing up, the dinner table was where we shared stories about school and work. On holidays my family would take turns in the kitchen preparing parts of the meal. And today, I often host friends for brunch or invite them to try new restaurants with me. And the rare opportunities I've had to chat with a chef about my meal, those are moments I treasure as I hope to glean insights that I can ultimately incorporate into my own amateur adventures in the kitchen.  

Whether it's trying new foods, restaurants or recipes, I long to explore more of what the culinary world has to offer. And I hope to use this blog to share my experiences with you. Cheers!

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