Recipe Roundup :: Something sweet

Anyone who knows me know that I've got a sweet tooth. Like I've said before, I have favorite pastry shops or ice cream shops in almost every city I've spent more than a couple days in. And my sister is a pastry chef who she makes the most delectable treats. Of course I would love to live closer to her, but I know if that happened I'd have to develop some serious self control because I wouldn't be able to help myself from eating her sweets all the time.

Chocolate chip sour cream coffee cake
I always like to start my week off on the right foot, and what better way to do that then with a great breakfast. With that in mind, Monday morning I made this coffee cake I found on Smitten Kitchen. I allowed myself to sleep in a bit, so it was more like a late brunch by the time the 45-minute baking time was through. But my apartment was filled with the smell of chocolate and I soon learned it was worth the wait. The freshly baked coffee cake was rich and moist, but the cinnamon covered chocolate in every bite left me wanting another piece. Deb claims this coffee cake "might make you feel unintentionally wronged by every other coffee cake" that came before it. I don't think she was kidding, it's that good.

Apple cider donuts
Yesterday was the first day of fall, and for me that means apples. I love hot spiced cider, apple pie, and apple butter. I've been meaning to attempt a homemade donut project for a while now, and these apple cider donuts I found on Food 52 seem like the perfect opportunity. My mouth waters just reading the recipe. Maybe my friends are adventurous enough to let me try the recipe on them for brunch.

Funfetti cake
From scratch, that is. Food 52 shares the secrets to making everyone's favorite birthday cake at home, no box necessary. Little did I know the complexity of our beloved funfetti cake, it's all about the right balance to get the sprinkles to suspend in the cake batter. This recipe is worth trying for an upcoming birthday, as I really hate using store-bought mixes when I bake anything. Baked good just taste better when you make them homemade.

Mini blueberry tarts
A fresh dessert with some hearty oats added to the topping. This would be another good option for a brunch or cocktail party or shower, as the tarts look adorable! Hopefully I'll find an event that lets me give this recipe a try.