The Year of the Rabbit

Incorporating traditions from all parts of my heritage is something I distinctly remember from my childhood. My sister and I always looked forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year, in part because of the delicious food we would enjoy, and of course, because of the lai see or lucky red envelopes. While sometimes we would go out to celebrate, I remember many occasions where my mom made the entire meal.

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit last week, I for the first time took a more substantial role in helping cook our dinner. A few days ahead my mom and I shopped for all the necessary ingredients and then spent a day and a half cooking everything. Here's a peek into the meal we prepared.

Whole Salmon

Ye Mein with Lap Cheong and Bok Choy Sum

Turnip Cake, which I prepared entirely on my own;
vegetarian Bean Curd Rolls; Long Beans with Tofu; Black Bean Spare Ribs

Pork Shiu Mai