Three to try in Washington D.C.

Busboys & Poets

-- Five Guys Burgers and Fries -- What In-N-Out is to California, Five Guys is to D. C. It's a neighborhood burger joint, that encourages a little creativity. You start with the basic burger, or maybe a bacon cheeseburger or hot dog, and then you pick your choice of toppings. Everything from BBQ sauce to steak sauce to grilled onions, mushrooms, and jalapeño peppers, in addition to the classic condiments. Five Guys leaves everything in your hands, with countless combinations. And don't forget the fries, classic or Cajun style, which packs a little spice.

-- Busboys and Poets -- A combination restaurant and bookstore, Busboys and Poets has lively ambiance, likely resulting from its encouragement of social discourse. Playing host to speakers, poets, open mic nights, film screenings and more, Busboys and Poets is a favorite among locals and a must for out-of-towners. The menu, like the cafe's character, offers a little of everything from pizza and paninis to burgers and meatloaf.

-- The Mudd House -- The Mudd House, located a bit off Scott Circle, is a neighborhood coffee shop that stands out for its friendly service in addition to its great coffee. The drinks have the perfect mix of good beans and great flavor, whether you're a fan of chai lattes, mochas or a simple espresso. Strong enough, but not bitter, its worth the money and the wait, when there is one.