LA bar-restaurants worth trying

Interested in LA nightlife but not willing to sacrifice a good meal, then try these LA area bar restaurants for the best of both worlds.

Blue Cheese Fries, Pete's Cafe and Bar

Sweet Potato Fries, Father's Office

-- Father's Office -- Known as one of the best places to get a burger in Los Angeles, Father's Office really delivers. Their two West LA locations are quintessential gastropubs, offering a wide range of draft beers as well as some hard ciders in addition to their "Office Burger." Don't try ordering any substitutions, they're not allowed, as condiments such as ketchup. But one bite, and you'll see why - they took the time to perfect their recipe. Try the sweet potato fries, which are a great complement to both burger and beer. The small space, dark lighting and lively atmosphere lend themselves to a hip but relaxed vibe, making Father's Office a great place to unwind after a hard day's work.

-- Pete's Cafe and Bar -- The juxtaposition of a modern cafe with the early 1900's architecture of this restaurant in the heart of LA's old bank district is dually welcoming and intriguing. A bright restaurant by day with its floor to ceiling windows, Pete's transforms into an elegant late-nite bar and restaurant come evening. The menu tries to present a wide array of modern and classic flavors, with everything from lamb bolgonese, a thai-spiced turkey burger, and pancettta wrapped scallops to the more simple but equally savory mac and cheese and apple and walnut salad.

-- The Cat & Fiddle -- For an inviting English pub, look no further than The Cat & Fiddle located on Sunset in Hollywood. A refreshing break from the hustle and bustle, The Cat & Fiddle hosts live jazz on their large patio every Sunday night. Or get in on the action and join other fans to watch English Premier League and other games on their multiple screens. The menu is substantial with English specialties as well as sandwiches and pasta for the less adventurous. And a little trivia, the location has a long Hollywood history, including rooms used for the filming of scenes from Casablanca.