Dining out in Sacramento

-- Tex Wasabi's -- One of Guy Fieri's restaurants, with a location in Sacramento and Santa Rosa, Tex Wasabi's is you guessed it, a fusion of barbecue and sushi. Both the food and decor carry on this theme. The menu includes classic barbecue offerings such as Ribs, Brisket and Pulled Pork and classic sushi rolls including Spicy Tuna, Rainbow and California. But what makes Tex Wasabi's really special is Guy's Gringo Sushi, his take on sushi for those less inclined towards raw fish. Gringo Sushi is wrapped in tapioca paper, and filled with everything from turkey, bacon and avocado to BBQ pork, french fries and blackened chicken. Whether you like sushi, BBQ or both, Tex Wasabi's is a must try.

-- Fat City Bar & Cafe -- Located in Old Town Sacramento, Fat City Bar & Cafe is an elegant restaurant that doesn't break the budget. Decorated with old-fashioned Tiffany Lamps, the restaurant features a bustling bar and large dining rooms. For starters, try the Skinny Onion Rings, French Onion Soup, and Crispy Fried Green Beans. And my entrée favorites are the steaks.

-- Chicago Fire Pizza -- With exposed brick walls, leather booths and beautiful lighting, Chicago Fire Pizza offers a chic vibe while still bringing the atmosphere of the classic neighborhood pizzeria. And they've got the authentic Chicago style pizza to hold their own, offering both deep dish and crispy thin crust and gourmet toppings. Chicago Fire Pizza has a location in Folsom and a location in Sacramento. Helpful hint -- if you're looking to get lunch, it is only offered at the Sacramento restaurant.