All-day brunch, late-night in Los Angeles

Recess Time (buttermilk streusel pancakes), The Griddle Cafe

-- The Griddle Cafe -- Located on the Sunset in the heart of Hollywood, The Griddle Cafe tantalizes the tastebuds of any brunch-goer all day long. Known for their large pancakes and extensive selection, expect to wait before being seated. But you'll surely be rewarded for your patience. They serve everything from simple buttermilk pancakes with a streusel topping to concoctions you wouldn't even dream of, such as "Creme de la Creme" - graham cracker coated french toast with cheesecake filling on top.

-- The Edison -- This bar and lounge in downtown LA is housed in the first private power plant in the city. Once inside and you've descended the stairs to the underground bar, you're taken back to the Jazz era. The ambiance of The Edison really makes it something special, with old generators, Chaplin-era films projected on the walls and plenty of seating for a dually intimate and lively lounge experience.

-- The World Cafe -- The World Cafe is eclectic in both its food and its decor. The beautiful patio is inviting and a perfect spot to dine when the weather is agreeable, which is fairly often in Santa Monica. Not to take away from the food which is delicious, including some wonderful appetizers, pizzas and pastas. My personal recommendation: the Chicken or Shrimp Pesto Pizza.