Destinations for food lovers

Are you a foodie who loves to travel?? Filled with fresh ingredients, boutiques and local flavor, these marketplaces are definitely places you shouldn't miss!

Chelsea Market

-- Pike Place Market -- Seattle, Washington
World renown for the flying fish, Pike Place Market is the farmer's market, of the Northwest and perhaps the country. Besides fresh fish, it also boasts fresh produce, specialty foods, and craftsmen. And nothing beats the view from the shores of the Puget Sound.

-- Chelsea Market -- New York, New York
Chelsea Market not only houses a variety of bakeries, restaurants, and stores, it is also home to the Food Network. And the architecture and decor of the building is also worth checking out.

-- Ferry Building -- San Francisco, California
At the Ferry Building you can find shops specializing in everything from chocolate to oysters to olive oil to wine to antiques, along with a few cafes and a view of the San Francisco Bay.