Dining out in Phoenix

-- Oregano's -- Some of my favorite pizza anywhere, which is saying a lot for someone who doesn't typically eat pizza very often. It's a great little neighborhood pizza place that's grown into a chain throughout Arizona. They make big thin crust pizzas that are nothing short of amazing. My choice is always something with pesto and sausage. And they also make a great meatball sandwich and artichoke lasagna.

-- Ruffino -- Ruffino makes for a great fine dining experience that's perfect for a special occasion, or even just an evening out.
It's a small Italian restaurant that has a nice ambiance and courteous staff. They make great garlic bread and have many good veal dishes.

-- El Encanto -- This Mexican restaurant located north of Phoenix in Cave Creek has beautiful mission style architecture. It has great character, including a large patio and a pond. While it's a bit of a drive, its worth it for their superb food.