Where to eat in Orange County

Five Crowns

For an evening out:-- Sabatino's Sausage Company -- Another one of my favorites, located in Lido Shipyard in Newport Beach. They are well known for their homemade Italian sausage that has goat cheese in the center. I've tried many of their dishes, and never found something I didn't like ... but I never go there without getting sausage, even if it means ordering a side. You can also get fresh sausage to take home and cook yourself.

--Five Crowns -- Owned by Lawry's and located in Corona del Mar, Five Crowns is styled to look like an Olde English restaurant. They are known for their prime rib, which comes complete with a popover and side dish of your choice. What I really love though about the restaurant the ambiance and its character, with the feeling of an inn, including many small rooms, its greenhouse and small garden.
-- Mangia Bene -- This italian restaurant in south Orange County has so many things going for it. It has a great neighborhood vibe - it is always filled with people and the staff is very friendly. I would recommend pretty much anything on the menu, having tried most of it.

Take it to go:
-- Ruby's Sandwich Saloon -- The best sandwiches I've had anywhere. They make sandwiches to order, with your choice of meat, cheese, bread and vegetables. Be careful going at lunch hour though or call your order in, because there is always a line.
-- Los Primo's Cantina -- This little tacqueria is my absolute favorite mexican restaurant because its extremely authentic mexican food. Their tamales are amazing, they make taquitos fresh when you order them, and they are known for their Mr. Serious burrito, which ends up being close to 2 pounds by the time they add everything to it.
-- Newport Rib Company -- While I enjoy eating in their restaurants equally as much, sometimes its just more convenient to get some ribs to take home for dinner. Plus they have party packs, the pig pack and hog pack, available when you order take-out that are perfect for sharing amongst a whole family that give a sample of their popular barbeque foods.

For the view:
-- Las Brisas -- Located on one of the cliffs in Laguna Beach, their patio is the perfect place to go for appetizers and a drink. With a view of the ocean, it makes for a great place to go watch a nice sunset with some friends.
-- Orange County Mining Company -- Situated on a hill in Orange, the large panoramic windows in the saloon overlook most of north Orange County making for a spectacular view. Plus they have great happy hour specials.
-- Ruby's Balboa Pier -- The original Ruby's location situated at the end of one of Newport Beach's two piers, Ruby's is a great place to go for a lunch whether you are spending a day at the beach or want the beach experience without actually touching the ocean and the sand.

And of course you cannot talk about food in Orange County without mentioning Balboa Bars, which are ice cream dipped in chocolate and sundae toppings. Now while you can find them around the area, I only go to one of the two shops on Balboa Island. Both have equally good balboa bars and frozen bananas; they just vary in what toppings you can choose from.
-- Dad's Donuts
-- Sugar 'n Spice