Salmon Picatta Pasta

Ingredients:4 3 oz Salmon Fillets
Olive Oil

Lemon Juice
Olive Oil
White Wine


1. Coat salmon in fresh chopped garlic and olive oil and saute. As it cooks squeeze a lemon over it. Turn over and repeat, sauteing until the piece is cooked all the way through to your liking.
2. Boil water and cook pasta to desired tenderness.
3. For picatta sauce: In a separate pan combine olive oil, white wine, garlic, butter and lemon juice (amounts are dependent on desired flavor - more butter and olive oil will have a smoother, less acidic taste). Boil to cook alcohol off.
4. Serve salmon over pasta, adding desired amount of picatta sauce.

Serves 4

**special thanks to Danielle for help in creating this recipe