Quick bites in West LA

More recommendations on places to grab a bite in West Los Angeles.

Local Favorites:--Jacopo's - My absolute favorite place for pizza in Southern California. And its been around for over 30 years, so I have to believe I am not the only one who feels that way. They have two locations - the Beverly Hills location has moved to a larger space not too far from the original, and there's another location in Pacific Palisades.

--Stan's Donuts - In the heart of Westwood, this small donut shop has a wide selection ranging from your typical doughnut to all sorts of interesting flavors I've never found elsewhere. Some of the unique ones I'd suggest: Apple Crisp, Blueberry Old Fashioned, Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Roll.

--Diddy Reise - Most UCLA students, and for that matter a large number of USC students, will agree that Diddy Reise is not only a great deal but delicious. Freshly baked cookies and create your own ice cream sandwiches keep lines down the block on most evenings. If nothing else, I tell anyone visiting UCLA or Westwood for the first time that a stop at Diddy Reise is a must.