Sweet treats in NYC

What can I say, from my visit to New York City, the food finds that stand out the most to me are the desserts. Maybe its just my weak spot for dark chocolate. Or the fact that I could cart some extras home with me to the West Coast. Either way, these are sure to please anyone's sweet tooth.

-- Serendipity 3 - Made famous by the movie, its always busy but well worth the wait. The frozen hot chocolate really is amazing and the desserts are decadent. It definitely lives up to its hype in my book.

-- Fat Witch Bakery - A must stop if you are a brownie lover like me. Located in the Chelsea Market, this bakery knows how to bake brownies! My personal favorites are the Java Witch and the Blonde Witch. Best yet, if you can't decide they also make Witch Babies, miniature versions of the popular flavors so you can try them all.

-- Jacque Torres Chocolate - I went to the Brooklyn location on my visit to New York and I don't even know where to begin. Delicious, gourmet truffles that are to die for. For all you chocolate lovers, need I say more?

And one more recommendation ... for the art and food lover.
Cafe 2, at the Museum of Modern Art -- On your visit to MOMA you can enjoy a variety of dining options by the acclaimed Danny Meyer. I loved Cafe 2 because its a quicker option, so I could make the most of my time and optimize my visit to the museum. After ordering at the counter, paninis, pasta, etc are made fresh to order, and then brought to communal tables that make for a great, lively atmosphere.